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We all have experienced winter storms. But, a lot of us have not been prepared for a potential breakdown. Do you have your vehicle emergency kit packed in your car? Be prepared for a breakdown on a traveled route. It is important that you stay with the vehicle because it contains your survival supplies, water, along with other emergency items that could save your life.  Additionally, the side mirrors can be use for signaling, the hubcaps can be used to collect water and cooking, the spare tire to burn as a rescue signal, the battery can be used to light fires, and the headlights can be used to signal in the dark.

If you have to leave your vehicle, leave a note in the vehicle and grab your BOB and mark your route by leaving markings on trees or other things to guide the search party in your direction. 

The Emergency Car Accessories below is a suggested list. We recommend you to add any items you need.


Emergency Car Accessories

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