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                              Week 2

                                W  A  T  E R

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As humans, we need water to carry out the many tasks needed to survive.  Each person has a different experience when deprived of water because our bodies require different amounts of water.  The differences vary because of age, activity levels, overall health, climate, environment, sex, height and weight.  Unfortunately, we can only survive 3 days without ingesting water.  What we eat may also affect the amount of water we consume. For example, a person who eats water-rich foods will drink less water verses a person who eat grains, spices and other dry foods.  Without water, the body is unable to function correctly and may cause death. It is very important that you store 1 gallon of water for each person in your family or group for each day. One gallon, per person, per day and store the water in a cool dark area for later use.


If you decide to store your own water, make sure to clean the food safe / food-grade container before storing water in it.  

Now that you have water, its time to add it to your pantry. Last week during the Prepare @ Home Challenge, you took inventory of the food and supplies you already had in your home. We have provided suggested Prep Items for food and supply items to add to your preps. Customize the items to suit your lifestyle and palate by substituting the food to suit your needs and people you are planning for. Some of the suggested items may be Affiliate links. 


Food-Grade Symbols

Water Use Calculator

In addition, we recommend that you use the FREE Food Storage Calculator​ from EZ Prepper.  This will help you to determine how much food you will need for your family.


Complete the Family/Group Information sheet for every person you are planning for.

Skill or Drill:
Make your own home water purification system.  You will need the following:

2 x Food Grade buckets with lids (Visit your local restaurant, or supply store for free or inexpensive buckets)

1 x Ceramic Dome Water Filter

1 x Spigot 





Save $2 as your budget allows. Save something. 52 Week Money Challenge Printable Spreadsheet  

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