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Not everyone is privileged to inherit land, a farm, or a homestead. Now, thanks to the Pandemic and the ability to Telework, people have realized that they no longer have to live in the city to work and can relocate to a rural environment. Are you thinking about relocation to your personal sanctuary? Do you have a piece of land of your own?


Unfortunately, everyone is having this realization at the same time. Now, purchasing real estate is becoming only a dream because of overpriced homes and land. If you are looking, a good book to start with is called Strategic Relocation. This book takes into consideration the surrounding threats that most of us don't think about when looking for a rural property. It shows you where the dangers are. Things like nuclear plants, active volcanic mountains, it has color maps of each state showing public and private land use, in addition to military target areas. It also discusses the selection of safe countries, geography and climate in the US and Canada. If you are looking for a piece of property, do your research. I recommend you purchase the book, Strategic Relocation.


Here are some suggestions. Add or remove items from this list to suit the people you are planning for.

Food Storage Purchase

Tomato Sauce and Paste

Potato Flakes

Spaghetti Noodles

Parmesan Cheese

All items above can be found at the Dollar Store.

Extra Item Purchase
Toilet paper

Batteries in various sizes

Blankets (wool, fleece, etc.)

Air Mattress

Air Pillows

Bed Sheets

Family Preparation
Check and change the batteries in the smoke detector, Transistor radios, Walkie Talkies, HAM radio, etc.

Skills and Drills


Save $25 as you budget allows. Save something.

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