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Prep Your Pets
Week 10

Do you have pets that are going with you when you bug out? Have you considered what they will need when you are away from your home? Perhaps it’s time to start prepping for your pets too.

Companionship is a wonderful thing when you are in a stressful situation and the unconditional love from a pet is a welcome distraction and calming presence. Some pets, like dogs, can help with your transition to off grid living and become security. Working dogs and (some) cats are great as pest control, an alarm system, and even protection from unwanted guests. But they are another mouth to feed and to care for so don’t find yourself unprepared to take care of your furry friends when you do have to bug out.

Their basic needs of food and water need to be added when stocking your pantry and packing your 72 hour kit. 

This is a hard thing to say but sometimes pets are not practical to bring. Many people cannot bear parting with their fur babies but will it be feasible to bring them along? How far must you travel? What is your mode of transportation?  A cat for example will not be easy to travel with if you are going on foot. However, if you are driving to your bug out location then they are easier to consider as you can pack all of their needs into the vehicle as well as in a carrier. Luckily cats are more independent and have great survival skills if left on their own outdoors. They are able to hunt prey, and even scavenge in dumpsters. We are not promoting abandoning animals so if you are serious about having a disaster plan and want a furry friend please consider what animal is most practical to bring with you and even look into breeds that are tougher in wild situations before you adopt. 

If you are traveling on foot with a dog you will need to consider a few things.
They will need to consume more calories and water a day than they usually do. (Most dogs like laying around so a long hike is really going to burn through their calories.)

If your dog is a large breed, they can carry some of their own supplies. Look for the right dog pack for them. 

If traveling a long distance, booties for your dog are a great idea. Many paw injuries can occur on long treks especially if your pet was more an indoor kind of pal. Also consider what kind of fur they have? Will they need a jacket?

First Aid for your pet. Be prepared to help your pup if they get hurt. Here is a PDF Owner's Manual First Aid for Dogs.

If you are not able to take your pets with you, you may need to find the nearest shelter for them to stay at while you are gone. Check out the shelters and rescue organizations in your area.

Add or remove the suggested items from the list that suit the people you are planning for.

Food Storage Purchase

Water ~ Minimum supply of water for at least 3 days for your pet

Food ~ Think light. Not in calories but in weight. Canned pet food is just too cumbersome. Dry and freeze dried food is a good choice.

          ~ There are also doggie energy supplements, energy bars or biscuits. Hunters use them when on long trips for an added boost.

Medical Supplies ~ Any medications your dog needs. Pet first aid kit, blood clot powder and dog booties. Also, if you are in an area that gets snow consider a paw wax to keep the ice from building up between their toes. 

Extra Item Purchase


Doggie backpack

Collapsible dog bowl

Skills & Drills


Start working with your pets now. Many pets are pampered and will be physically unprepared for a long journey. If you are taking your dog on a long walking trek, start working up to walking the miles you need to cover in a day.



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