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Surviving A Heatwave

WEEK 26 






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As we know, the summer season can bring on heatwaves. When it comes to preparing for a heatwave, it can be really hard to store supplies. How do you store ice cubes when you don't have a freezer? According to the map, many of us will be experiencing a heatwave this summer.  What are you doing to survive a heatwave? Are you prepared?


When preparing for a heatwave, you should close all the windows in your home and draw the drapes, turn off all lights and other digital components that put out heat. Refrigerate and freeze water bottles, juices, prepare simple foods (salad, fruit, sandwiches, etc.) and drink plenty of water. Once the sun goes down, open windows to allow cooler air to pass through your home. Check out the Medicine Net website for Tips on How To Survive a Heatwave.


Here are some suggestions. Add or remove items from the list to suit the people you are planning for.

Food Storage Purchase
Cooking oil in small containers. Do not purchase large containers of oils. They may go rancid before you use it all.

Powdered Peanut Butter

Dehydrated/Freeze Dried Foods

Water (1 gallon per day per person)

Individual bottles of water
Portable water containers (1 to 5 gallons)

Water storage containers (50-gallon barrels, tanks, bladders, cisterns)

Extra Item Purchase
Cold Gel Packs

Swim suits



Shade Hat

Summer Clothing

Family Preparation

Purchase kitchen supplies to replenish paper plates, bowls, cups, serving and eating utensils, paper towels, dish soap, water purification tablets.

Skills and Drills

Create a water resupply plan

Save $26 as you budget allows. Save something.

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