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WEEK 47 ~
Check Your Preps / Get More Preps

We have told you in the past to inventory your preps many time. But, things are not looking good when it comes to the prices of supplies going back down. So, before things start rising in price again go get what you need while the supplies are still within your budget. Time is of the essence to be prepared.

Prepare for the Future.

We have watched the domino effect of America's government failure to protect its people.  Since the Plan-demic started, we have been watching the infrastructure of the United States fall apart. We are headed into winter and we have been warned that it will be a Dark one.

Currently, we are living in a real-life disaster scenario. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This is a live drill because we are facing water shortage, food shortage, fuel shortage, medication shortage and a shortage of anything coming out of China. We've seen container ships sitting at sea that could not dock. That merchandise was not moving and it took awhile before it hit land.


On top of all of that,  we could experience more cyberattacks and a grid down situation, even the possibility of war is all in the mix. All of this could happen one day at the same time. Are you prepared because America is in trouble. Our economy SUCKS and is going to take a dive any day now. Being vaccinated or non-vaccinated is going to divide us. Our government is becoming militant to its citizens. On and on and on. Have you been paying attention? Can you see what is headed our way? Can you see what is happening?

It's time to step up your game. We have said it many times, Check Your Preps. There are a lot of items that you may not be able to get in the future so get it now. Your challenge this week as a reminder is to check your preps.


Here is a suggested short list.

1. Take inventory of what is in your pantry and add what you need.

2. Water - Make sure to have enough water for everyone in your household for drinking and sanitation. Store 2 gallons of water per day per person for at least 1 month.

3. Antibacterial Wipes - For hygiene and cleaning surfaces.

4. Canned Proteins - Canned meats and tuna. For long term storage, dehydrate or freeze-dry the products.

5. Crackers and Cereals - Most of these items have a long shelf life if you store them properly.

6. Dog Food - Don’t forget your pets and livestock when planning your preps.

7. Dried Fruits - Collect fresh fruits, dry them and stock the dried fruits to use when fruits are no longer available.

8. Eggs - If you can, purchase chickens to have fresh eggs. Eggs purchased from the store last from 3-5 weeks in the refrigerator. To store for long term, remove the egg from its shell, freeze the egg whites, freeze the yolks.

9. Face Masks - Face masks are here to stay. So stock up on cotton masks or disposable masks.

10. Flour and Other Baking Supplies - These items will be hard to find.

11. Frozen Staples - Purchase bags of your favorite vegetables to store in the freezer, dehydrate or freeze dried the veggies.

12. Fruit Juice, Coffee, Tea - Purchase your favorites.

13. Hand Sanitizer - Bottles of hand sanitizer. If you can't find it, make your own.

14. Nut Butters and Nuts - Store nuts in the fridge for extended freshness.

15. Shelf-Stable foods - Replenish your long shelf-life supplies of non-perishable foods such as rice, pasta, soup, and beans.

16. Shelf-Stable Milk - Powdered milk usually have a long expiration dates. Almond, rice, soy, or oat milk are also good to have on hand.

17. Pain Relievers - Make sure you replenish your pain relievers and other over-the-counter medications. 18. If you have prescription medications, refill them now.

19. Propane or Butane Gas - Purchase enough gas for the time you are planning.

20. Medicinal products - Here is a PDF list of medical supplies from the Bureau of Industries & Securities. Pick and choose what you need from this list.

Drill /Skill

Capture water from the roof of your home.  If you don't own a home, create a catchment system. Buy Food grade water barrels and fill them up with water. Store them in a dark cool place for later use.


Save $47 or as your budget allows. Save something. Here is a 52 Week Money Challenge Printable Spreadsheet

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