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Bartering ~ the trade of goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. To Barter is the oldest form of commerce in the Preppers preparedness community. Preppers offer goods, skills and services between each other in exchange for what they have to offer that is equivalent in price.  Goods or service that are desired by others can be bartered for things like housecleaning, haircuts, food, water, to music, etc. You can barter anything you desire.


How to Begin the Bartering Process

Bartering makes it easy to turn your trash into treasure.

First, decide what you need.  If you have something that you no longer use, offer it to someone for something that you want from them. If it is electronic items, test them to be sure it works. 

Find someone to barter with. Identify trading partners or networks. Make contact with a person or people to begin your trading. Negotiate the details of the trade, including location, what you’re trading, and where you’ll meet. Remember to be safe and always meet at a public location or take someone with you when making an trade exchange.  If both traders are happy with the results, execute the trade deal. 


Here are some suggestions. Add to the list that suit the people you are planning for.


Food Storage Purchase

*Take a look at your inventory list to decide what you need in your pantry.

Water ~ 1 gallon per person per day

Cans of Fruit

Freeze Dried Fruit



Dried Meats

Canned Meats

Extra Item Purchase

Toilet paper (1 roll per week for 2 months)

Hand Sanitizer


Body Oil


72 Hour or Car Kit Supplies

Duct Tape

Electrical Tape

Bungee Cords or 50/50 Paracord

Family Preparation ~ Schedule a Black Out! Drill

Black Out ~ a failure of electrical power supply.

Turn off the electricity in your home as if the electrical grid is down.

Here are the rules: 

You can not use electricity (No TV, computer, etc.)

You can only use battery or solar operated items.

You can not use the home gas or electric heaters.

You can only use  wood, propane or butane for heating and cooking.

You can not use water from faucets.

You can only use water that you have stored for emergency/disaster.

⃞  Assign 1 person to create a grid down disaster scenario. 

⃞  Play out the scenario.

⃞   During the drill, remember to use safety precautions.

⃞  Take notes for supplies you did not have or needed, pictures.

⃞  Take pictures of the drill.

⃞   When the drill is over, go through your notes and add any supplies to your kit that you did not have or realized you needed during the drill.


Save $23 as your budget allows. Save something. Here is a link to the 52 Week Money Challenge.

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